Tips for Choir Members

I have been directing choirs for over 32 years and I have been working with Choir Directors, Church Musicians and Church Choirs for almost 20 years. Here are some tips for the Choir, the musicians (and the Pastor), that may be an encouragement to your Choir Director... the Second Man.

1. Be Prompt! There is seldom ever a legitimate excuse for being late to Choir Practice (or Church for that matter)

2. No talking! When the Choir Director is working with a vocal section grant them the same courtesy that you would expect them to grant you.

3. Be Prepared! Bring a pencil (not a pen unless it is erasable) to make notes on your music.

4. Be an Encouragement! Say thank you to the Choir Director (and musicians) Bring them a pie or cookies on occasion, slip them a $20.00 bill or receive a special offering.

5. Compensate them! When your Church is in a financial position give them a salary. As your Church grows put them on full time staff. No one (except a Choir Director and Musicians) know how much time a good (key word - GOOD) Choir Director will spend in preperation for choir practice.

6. Communicate! Let your Choir Director know if you will not be available for a service or if you are going to miss Choir Practice

7. Do Your Best! Ecclesiastes 9:10 - enough said!!

8. Improve! As a musician or a singer, constantly challange yourself to do better. I advise every musician to have 3 other musicians in their life. One who is better than they are so they can learn to improve. One who is not as good as you are so you can be a mentor to them. One who is on your level so you can encourage each other and learn together.

9. Pray daily! Pray for your Pastor, pray for your Choir director, pray for your musicians pray for your fellow choir members and church members.

10. Be Sincere! Know who you are singing about, know why you are singing!

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