Thank You Piano Lessons Registration

Before we get Started.

There are several things that you will need before we get started.

  • Piano (tuned, as I don’t do well with untuned pianos) or a keyboard. If you have a keyboard, it must have at least 61 keys (preferably 88 keys, but we can start with 61) and have weighted action keys.
  • Laptop with Skype (you can google Skype for help if needed) installed and a webcam and have high speed internet.
  • Email address for correspondence.
  • Printer - A lot of the information that I give you will be songs I have set to music from my computer. I will send them to you by email and you will need to print them out and keep them.
  • 3 ring Binder with clear sleeves You will need this to keep all the songs in that you are working on.
  • Church Hymnal We will be working on songs from the hymnal. I would rather you have the “Red Back” Church Hymnal, but if your church uses a different hymnal please let me know.
  • Paper and Pen to take notes each lesson.

In preparation for the first lesson, please answer the following questions. Hit submit when you are finished.

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During your first lesson, be prepared to play me a couple of songs that you are very familiar with. If you read music, I will want to hear you play a song by notes so that I will be aware of your reading ability. Please do not be intimidated or afraid of messing up. I cannot help you fix mistakes if I do not hear them. Remember, I am here to help you!

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