I Have Been Blessed Lyrics

I have Been Blessed, written by Michael Compton and made popular by The Rochesters is a beautiful song about the blessings of God. There are many Church Choirs, groups and soloist singing this song. It has a catchy tune, good hook line in "I have been blessed" and good content. It is a well written song, great for worship services to encourage and enhance worship.

The first two verses and chorus:
When He walks among us all that He does
All of His mercy and all of His Love.
The pen of the writer could write everyday
Even this world could never contain
how I have been blessed.

The warmth in winter the flowers in spring
the laughter in summer and the changing of leaves
the food on my table a good place to sleep
clothes on my back and shoes on my feet
I have been blessed

I have been blessed, God is so good to me.
Precious are His thoughts of you and me.
No way I could count them, there's not enough time.
So I'll just thank Him for being so kind.
God has been good, so good. I have been blessed.

The song is written in the key of Eb but if you are playing the song on the Guitar you would use a capo on the third fret and play in the key of C. Here is the chord progression written in the Nashville Numbering System notation.
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1 6m 4 5
1 6m 4 5
(1 1sus) (1 17)

4 5 (1 1/7) (6m 6m/5)
4 5 (1 1/7) (6m 6m/5)
4 5 (1 1sus) 1

Here is a tutorial I made on how to play it on Guitar.

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