The Song of the Month is a subscription program designed to help small Churches that may not have a Choir director, or busy Choir directors or even individuals who want to learn to sing harmony.
You may also purchase past SOTM packages. Click Here or just scroll down to purchase past SOTM packages. Bro. Clint and Sis. Donna have been working with choirs for over 25 years. Bro. Clint is now the director of the Concord Baptist Church Young People's Revival Choir and Sis. Donna is the pianist. Bro. Clint is now conducting Choir workshops all over the country. He and Sis. Donna will come in to your Church for a 3 to 5 day work session and train your Choir director and Choir to use a system of learning that has worked well for them over the past 25 years. If you are interested in a Choir Workshop, email Bro. Clint at or feel free to call Clint on his cell phone at 706-313-5803

The Song of the Month is a CD package that will be mailed out monthly. This CD will contain a Soundtrack of the selected song. This track will have Piano, Bass Guitar, and 1 to 3 additional instruments. There will be a track with percussion and without percussion. There will also be a Soundtrack with only the Piano. There will be a track that contains the Piano and each of the vocal parts (Soprano, Alto, Tenor, Bass) to demonstrate how the harmony should sound. In addition, there will be 4 more tracks, 1 for each of the vocal parts that contains just the Piano and that particular vocal part. The sheet music for the selected song will be included in pdf format with a license to print out up to 50 copies of the music and the Lyrics will be provided as a Word document. Also included will be printed copies of the sheet music and lyrics. In summary, each Song of the Month CD package will contain:

  1. Soundtrack with 3 to 5 instruments
  2. Track with Piano only
  3. Track with Piano and all 4 vocal part
  4. Track with Piano and Soprano part
  5. Track with Piano and Alto part
  6. Track with Piano and Tenor part
  7. Track with Piano and Bass part
  8. Sheet music in pdf format
  9. License to print up to 50 copies of Sheet music
  10. Lyrics in Word Document
  11. printed copy of the Sheet music.
  12. printed copy of the Lyrics.

The cost of this is only $25.00 each month. If you choose, you can pay for a year in advance for only $250.00, a savings of $50.00. The CDs will be mailed out on the 20th of each month for the following month. (i.e. February CD will be mailed out January 20, March CD mailed out February 20 etc.)
As an introductory special, the first month's CD will contain not one, but two songs!! That is 2 full months for for less than the cost of one. The songs on this CD are Holy Ground and My,My,My

If you would like to subscribe to the Song of the Month for $25.00 or you want to go ahead and pay yearly, make your selection below. If you would like for us to send you the Song of the Month and bill you for it at

Song of the Month Introduction is "My, My, My", also included is "Holy Ground"
To listen to a demo of theSong of the Month Click on your selection.

Holy Ground Sound Track Demo
Holy Ground Vocal Demo
My, My, My Sound Track Demo
My, My, My Vocal Demo

Song of the Month
You will be billed $25.00 now followed by 25.00 each month until you cancel your subscription

 To cancel a monthly subscription click cancel subscription

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