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Dr. Clint and Donna KernsHi, I am Dr. Clint W. Kerns and this is my wife, Donna Kerns and we would like to personally thank you for visiting ChurchChoirMusic.com. This is the official home of the Concord Baptist Church Revival Choir where Dr. Sammy Allen is the Pastor. Donna was the Pianist for the Revival Choir and I was the director for over 25 years. The Revival Choir, known also as the Concord Youth Choir recorded 6 live projects and a studio Christmas project. These projects have literally gone "around the world" and many songs are still being played on many Gospel Radio Stations across the country.

We have the Sheet music, and mp3s available for all of the Youth Choir Projects.

If you are looking for Sheet Music or song ideas for your Church Choir, Youth Group, Quartet, Trio or even solo you have come to the right place. We have quiet a few pieces of sheet music that can be purchased individually or in book form. All of the sheet music is written in standard SATB four part harmony with chord names above the music, arranged particularly for Church Choirs and includes the lyrics as well.

Most of the songs have been recorded by the Concord Baptist Church Revival Choir and can be purchased as an Mp3 or on a CD as well.

As Featured On EzineArticlesYou will find many published articles by Dr. Kerns such as choir tips, guitar tips, Hymnology (Dr. Kerns has a Masters degree in Sacred Music), music theory, Music and Singing tips along with recommended CDs and Sheet Music. Dr. Kerns is an Expert Ezine Author with many featured articles on Ezine where Expert Authors Share Their Best Articles!

To read the latest articles written by Dr. Kerns or Sis. Donna go to http://churchchoirmusic.com/home/blog or scroll down and look in the column on the right under Post Categories or Recent Posts.

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Clint KernsClint Kerns was the director of the Concord Baptist Young People's Revival Choir where Dr. Sammy Allen is the pastor. He has been directing and teaching choirs for over 30 years. Bro. Clint is an accomplished musician, talented singer and song writer. He has been a member of the Concord Baptist Church since 1985 and worked with the young people's Revival choir since its formation in 1991 until he and Donna stepped down in May of 2011. He and his wife Donna have worked with several local christian school choirs, and groups over the last 30 years and have enjoyed much success at the ACE Christian Convention. In 2002 Bro. Clint and Sister Donna were honored with the invitation to conduct the music services at the Deep South Regional ACE Christian School Convention. Bro.Kerns conducts the singing and Sister Kerns plays the piano at many camp meetings across the South including Faith Baptist Camp in Resaca, GA where folks from as many as 30 states, and crowds of up to 1,800 attend.

Donna KernsDonna Kerns was the full time pianist at Concord Baptist Church until 2011. She accompanied both the adult and youth choir as well as all groups and soloist at the Church. Dr. Allen insists that Donna still play the piano and Bro. Clint lead the singing when they are home and not on the road. Donna is without argument one of if not the best church pianist in the south. She has been playing since the age of 5 and is a very versatile, talented musician with over 30 years experience playing in churches and camp meetings and 20 years experience in the recording studio. She along with her husband Clint arranged all of the music for the young people's revival choir. Donna writes and transcribes all of the music for the choir as well as all of the songs that Bro. Clint writes. Sister Donna is the daughter of Evangelist Stinnett Ballew. Sister Donna has played the piano at many camp meetings across the South and is the pianist at Faith Baptist Camp.

The Concord Baptist Church Revival Choir also referred to as the Youth Choir was a 70 member choir filled with dedicated young men and ladies who love the Lord, and love to sing Southern Gospel and Old Fashioned Music. They have recorded 6 live projects and a Christmas studio project that to God be the Glory, have been used across the United States. Most of the former members are serving the Lord in other ministries and several young men followed in the steps of Bro. Kerns and are themselves leading youth choirs. The spirit filled singing of the Revival choir has touched multitudes and God has greatly used the Youth Choir and we are so thankful. The singing style is of course southern, so if you're looking for that 'down south,' spirit-filled, rear back and let 'er rip choir singing then you've come to the right place. If you're looking for something a little more reserved, well, just open your mind and heart and give it a listen.

If you would like to purchase the Youth Choir CDs

or DVD just go to the Music Store. Each CD has a matching Songbook that has all the music to that project. You can also purchase the sheet music individually if you are wanting a particualr song. All of the recorded songs can also be purchased and downloaded immediately as an Mp3.

The Song of the Month

is a subscription program designed to help small Churches that may not have a Choir director, or busy Choir directors or even individuals who want to learn to sing harmony.

On the Mp3 page

are samples from the last 4 projects and the Christmas project.

You can watch video of the choir

on the Video page. There are three songs from our lastest project, "Coming Home".

You will find tips for music and singing by Bro. Clint and Sis. Donna on the Tips page.

Choir Concord Baptist Church is located in the foot hills of the
North West Georgia Mountains. Take Exit 312 off I75 and 9 miles toward Fairmount and you will find the Church on the Left.

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