Thank You Piano Lessons Registration

Before we get Started.

There are several things that you will need before we get started.

  • Piano (tuned, as I don’t do well with untuned pianos) or a keyboard. If you have a keyboard, it must have at least 61 keys (preferably 88 keys, but we can start with 61) and have weighted action keys.
  • Laptop with Skype (you can google Skype for help if needed) installed and a webcam and have high speed internet.
  • Email address for correspondence.
  • Printer - A lot of the information that I give you will be songs I have set to music from my computer. I will send them to you by email and you will need to print them out and keep them.
  • 3 ring Binder with clear sleeves You will need this to keep all the songs in that you are working on.
  • Church Hymnal We will be working on songs from the hymnal. I would rather you have the “Red Back” Church Hymnal, but if your church uses a different hymnal please let me know.
  • Paper and Pen to take notes each lesson.

In preparation for the first lesson, please answer the following questions. Hit submit when you are finished.

Do you have a piano at home?


Tell me where you go to church.

How often do you play in church?

What instruments do you play?

How long have you taken lessons?

What was the name of your lesson book?
If none just type none in the box)

What was the last level book that you completed?

What keys can you currently play in?

On a scale of 1 to 5 with 1 being the lowest and 5 being the highest, What is your level of commitment to work to develop your talent for use in His Service?


What is the easiest way to contact you?

List 10 songs in the Hymnal that you would be comfortable playing without practice if you were called on to play for the congregation. (THIS IS YOUR COMFORT ZONE

List 5 songs from the Hymnal that you could probably play if you were given just a little time to practice before hand. (THIS IS YOUR CLOSE ZONE)

List 3 songs from the Hymnal that is sung at your church that if you were ask to play for the congregation that would be a definite NO. (THIS IS YOUR CONQUERING ZONE


Type the code above into the box below

During your first lesson, be prepared to play me a couple of songs that you are very familiar with. If you read music, I will want to hear you play a song by notes so that I will be aware of your reading ability. Please do not be intimidated or afraid of messing up. I cannot help you fix mistakes if I do not hear them. Remember, I am here to help you!

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