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I’m Blessed Sheet Music

A much requested song written by Tracy Jones and Ricky Atkinson. This song has been used by God to bless the hearts of many Christians. It reminds us that we as believers have been blessed on this long journey! Click Here to get your copy Recommended and Endorsed Programs…

I Have Been Blessed Lyrics

I have Been Blessed, written by Michael Compton and made popular by The Rochesters is a beautiful song about the blessings of God. There are many Church Choirs, groups and soloist singing this song. It has a catchy tune, good hook line in “I have been blessed” and good content. It is a well written […]

Understanding the Vocal Range – the Soprano Part

To understand the Soprano part it is imperative that you first understand vocal range. Technically, vocal range is “the measure of the breadth of pitches that a human voice can phonate.” * In layman’s terms vocal range is the musical notes that a person can sing. Vocal range encompasses all of the musical notes that […]

The Fundamental Top 500