Beautiful Home Sheet music The song “Beautiful Home” was written by Morris Stancil published by Rex Nelon Publishing has been recorded by many Gospel groups, first by the Chuck Wagon Gang, the Morris Stancil Singers, the Kingsmen and many, many others. This is a very popular choir song. Recommended and Endorsed Programs…

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A History of Greater Vision

One of today’s most popular and inspiring Southern Gospel Trios is Greater Vision. Greater Vision had their beginning in 1990. As far as Southern Gospel Trios are concerned, Greater Vision is the apex of Gospel Music Trios and, deservedly, the most awarded trio in Gospel Music history. Greater Vision was founded by former Cathedral Quartet […]

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All 7 Youth Choir songbooks in one volume

All 7 Youth Choir Songbooks, Live, Live and Still Alive, Walking In The Old Paths, Camp Meeting Days, Bless the Lord, Coming Home and a Concord Christmas in one convenient Digital volume only $50.00. There is a table of contents for each book that is clickable to go to the title of each song. This […]

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Effectively Learning New Choir Sheet Music

Choir sheet music is necessary for the Choir director, musicians and choristers to aid them in learning a new song. It is advantageous for everyone involved to know how to read music but it is not absolutely necessary for all of the choir members to. You must have at least one musician preferably the pianist, […]

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Peaceful Praise

One of Donna Kerns’ three new solo piano projects is Peaceful Praise. Songs included are: Tis So Sweet Jesus Loves Me No One Ever Cared For Me Like Jesus In The Garden He Whispers Sweet Peace To Me Does Jesus Care? God Leads His Dear Children Along Ninety and Nine Rock Of Ages Stand By […]

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I Have Been Blessed Lyrics

I have Been Blessed, written by Michael Compton and made popular by The Rochesters is a beautiful song about the blessings of God. There are many Church Choirs, groups and soloist singing this song. It has a catchy tune, good hook line in “I have been blessed” and good content. It is a well written […]

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Key Signatures and Major and Minor Scales

Key Signatures – what are they? What do they tell us? How do you identify them? These are some questions that all musicians, guitarists, pianist, singers and theorist alike will ask. There are 15 major keys and 15 minor keys all identifiable by the key signature found in every piece of music. Each key, both […]

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The Story Behind The Song – I Know Whom I Have Believed

This beloved hymn written by Major Daniel Webster Whittle, the exact date of his composition is not known, but it was originally published in 1883 in Gospel Hymns No. 4. It is one of about two hundred hymns composed by Major Whittle as he was known. It is one of his most well known hymns, […]

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The Story Behind the Song – A Mighty Fortress Is Our God

Probably, one of the greatest hymns written by the greatest man of the greatest period of German history is the song “A Mighty Fortress Is Our God”. It has been called “The Battle Hymn of the Reformation”. This song was written by the great German reformer Martin Luther. Let us look briefly at the man, […]

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Increase your Vocal Quality With Singorama

I once heard a wise Preacher and great Chorister say “Every bird sings except a buzzard!” I don’t really know if that is the truth in regards to birds and buzzards, but the Bible does encourage and admonish us to sing. Everyone does not have the knowledge and ability to play an instrument but everyone […]

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Alternate Tunings for the Acoustic Guitar

If you are a Guitar player the first thing you learned to do was tune your Guitar. Every Guitar player whether your choice is the Acoustic Guitar or the Electric Guitar, you know or at least you should know how to tune your Guitar. Starting with the lowest string (top string closest to you) to […]

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Southern Gospel’s Top 20 Songs of the Century

Today’s recommended CD is Southern Gospel’s Top 20 Songs of the Century. This CD is “a good foundation or introduction to the genre of Southern Gospel quartets.” It is the original recordings of some of Southern Gospel’s most popular songs. Included on this CD: This Ole House by The Cathedral Quartet What A Savior by […]

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The Fundamental Top 500