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Tips about music theory for the singer and musician

Increase your Vocal Quality With Singorama

I once heard a wise Preacher and great Chorister say “Every bird sings except a buzzard!” I don’t really know if that is the truth in regards to birds and buzzards, but the Bible does encourage and admonish us to sing. Everyone does not have the knowledge and ability to play an instrument but everyone […]

Understanding the Vocal Range – the Soprano Part

To understand the Soprano part it is imperative that you first understand vocal range. Technically, vocal range is “the measure of the breadth of pitches that a human voice can phonate.” * In layman’s terms vocal range is the musical notes that a person can sing. Vocal range encompasses all of the musical notes that […]

Chords In the Key of G for Acoustic Guitar

There are many amateur Acoustic Guitar players who struggle and try to get by on only three chords, G, C and D, but there are only 4 more basic chords that you could learn that would give you the ability to play in almost any key utilizing a capo. When you are finished with this […]

Absolute and Relative Pitch

Absolute pitch is represented by the musical letters A B C D E F G. Absolute pitch never changes. As related to Auditory perception, Absolute pitch is the ability of a person to identify a musical tone without the aid of an external reference but as it relates to the rudiments of music it identifies […]

Do You Make Any Of These Mistakes In Your Gospel Piano Playing?

Do You Make Any Of These Mistakes In Your Gospel Piano Playing? There are four main attitudes that hinder musicians from progressing in their abilities to play gospel music by ear. Let me explain… Attitude #1: “Learning songs by myself is too difficult so I’d rather just get the chords from someone else…” Relying on […]

The Fundamental Top 500