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Tips about music theory for the singer and musician

How to Download Sheet Music


Prayerful Praise Samples

[mp3player config=peacefulpraisejb.xml playlist=peacefulpraise.xml] Recommended and Endorsed Programs…

Recommended Piano Keyboard

If you are looking for a Piano/Electronic keyboard, these are some that we have  either tried personally or currently own and can recommend. The Williams Allegro Keyboard lists for $399.99 but can be purchased through Amazon for $299.99. This is the keyboard that Donna uses when giving her piano lessons via Skype. Product Features 88 […]

Tips for Choir Members

I have been directing choirs for over 32 years and I have been working with Choir Directors, Church Musicians and Church Choirs for almost 20 years. Here are some tips for the Choir, the musicians (and the Pastor), that may be an encouragement to your Choir Director… the Second Man. 1. Be Prompt! There is […]

Thank You Piano Lessons Registration

Before we get Started. There are several things that you will need before we get started. Piano (tuned, as I don’t do well with untuned pianos) or a keyboard. If you have a keyboard, it must have at least 61 keys (preferably 88 keys, but we can start with 61) and have weighted action keys. […]

Piano Lessons Via Skype

WHATSOEVER THY HAND FINDETH TO DO, DO IT WITH THY MIGHT Thanks for your interest in the Piano Lessons via SKYPE. This has taken some time to develop and set up. I am sure that there will be a few quirks to work out with each student, but we will deal with these on an […]

Birthday Special

Happy Birthday to my Darling wife Donna. I will not reveal her age, but this is the last year in her… nah… just won’t do it. But in honor of her Birthday (NEXT year) and as a Birthday present for her this year, If you would like to give her a gift AND get something […]

How Do You Know How To Change Chords In Music

For Free Guitar lessons and get 10 high quality video lessons that teach you step-by-step how to play some of the most impressive skills on guitar. Simply go to One of the most frequently asked questions by beginning and even intermediate guitarist and musicians is how do you know when to change chords and […]

I Have Not Forgotten Sheet Music

I Have Not Forgotten was written by two friends of mine, Lance Carpenter and Ricky Atkinson. It was song of the year in 2005 and was recorded by the Inspirations. Many choirs and other Quartets/Trios have used this great song and I’m sure you would get a blessing out of it too. Click Here or […]

He’s Alive Sheet Music

This song written by Ernie Dawson of Heirline is a wonderful reminder that the Lord Jesus is not dead, but he is alive and the tomb is empty. This is a great song to use a soloist with and have the choir back them up. Wonderful song to use at Easter Click Here to get […]

Key Signatures and Major and Minor Scales

Key Signatures – what are they? What do they tell us? How do you identify them? These are some questions that all musicians, guitarists, pianist, singers and theorist alike will ask. There are 15 major keys and 15 minor keys all identifiable by the key signature found in every piece of music. Each key, both […]

The Story Behind The Song – I Know Whom I Have Believed

This beloved hymn written by Major Daniel Webster Whittle, the exact date of his composition is not known, but it was originally published in 1883 in Gospel Hymns No. 4. It is one of about two hundred hymns composed by Major Whittle as he was known. It is one of his most well known hymns, […]

The Fundamental Top 500