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Tips for the Guitarist by Bro. Clint Kerns

Chords In the Key of G for Acoustic Guitar

There are many amateur Acoustic Guitar players who struggle and try to get by on only three chords, G, C and D, but there are only 4 more basic chords that you could learn that would give you the ability to play in almost any key utilizing a capo. When you are finished with this […]

Absolute and Relative Pitch

Absolute pitch is represented by the musical letters A B C D E F G. Absolute pitch never changes. As related to Auditory perception, Absolute pitch is the ability of a person to identify a musical tone without the aid of an external reference but as it relates to the rudiments of music it identifies […]

The three greatest guitar pickers of all time

There is much debate and disagreement concerning this question. There are many names both past and present that could be included. By no means do I intend any disrespect to those not included in this short list of Great Pickers. Arguably there may be others that deserve inclusion in this elite list but it can […]

The easiest way to learn the Acoustic Guitar

There are many methods used to learn to play the Acoustic Guitar and many ways of playing after you learn. The three most popular methods of playing the Guitar are strumming (in the studio this is referred to as rhythm guitar) flat picking and finger picking. Flat picking and finger picking can take months to […]

Parts of the Acoustic Guitar

If you are going to learn to play the Acoustic Guitar one of the first things you should learn about are the parts of a Guitar. Let’s start at the top. Headstock – the headstock or head as it is often referred to is the topmost part of the guitar. The tuning keys are mounted […]

The Fundamental Top 500