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I Just Stopped By On My Way Home

One of the most requested songs by the Concord Baptist Church Revival Choir and one of the most utilized youth choir songs is “I Just Stopped By On My Way Home” The verse and chours is: My life has been blessed in so many ways with family and friends day after day but I can’t […]

Do You Make Any Of These Mistakes In Your Gospel Piano Playing?

Do You Make Any Of These Mistakes In Your Gospel Piano Playing? There are four main attitudes that hinder musicians from progressing in their abilities to play gospel music by ear. Let me explain… Attitude #1: “Learning songs by myself is too difficult so I’d rather just get the chords from someone else…” Relying on […]

Tips for Beginners and The Nashville Numbering System explained.

I have been playing Guitar since I was 10, that’s over 36 years. Several years ago I had a stroke that affected my left side, I could not even hold my guitar with my left hand, let alone play. Everyday for 6 months as I laid in bed or sat on the couch, if I […]

How to increase the volume of your choir.

One thing I am constantly asked is “How do you get that choir to sing so loud”? Now before we get into some exercises that will increase the volume of the choir, it needs to be said that there is a difference between singing loud and SCREAMING. You can sing loud without SCREAMING, but you […]

The Fundamental Top 500