A History of Greater Vision

One of today’s most popular and inspiring Southern Gospel Trios is Greater Vision. Greater Vision had their beginning in 1990. As far as Southern Gospel Trios are concerned, Greater Vision is the apex of Gospel Music Trios and, deservedly, the most awarded trio in Gospel Music history.

Greater Vision was founded by former Cathedral Quartet members Gerald Wolfe and Mark Trammell along with their good friend Chris Allman. Gerald played the piano and sang Lead, Mark sang the Baritone and Chris sang Tenor and wrote many songs for the group.

In 1993 Mark Trammell left Greater Vision to sing with Gold City. Rodney Griffin, former Baritone singer for the Dixie Melody Boys stepped in to replace Mark. Rodney’s prolific songwriting has been recognized and awarded by the Singing News Fan Awards 13 times to date through 2011 and I’m sure there are many more to come.

Jason Waldroup replaced Chris Allman two years later as the group’s Tenor. Chris left Greater Vision to pursue the ministry.

For the next 13 years Gerald Wolfe, Rodney Griffin and Jason Waldroup remained as Greater Vision and solidified their status as one of the top Trios in Southern Gospel Music winning a myriad of Singing News Fan Awards both as a group and individuals.

Greater Vision has not had very many personnel changes but over the course of 2 years the Tenor position would change 3 times. Jason Waldroup left the group in 2008 to enter the seminary and train for the ministry. Jacob Kitson, former Tenor singer for Tribute Quartet would take his place but 2 short years later Jacob would leave to go into evangelism and form a new group with his brother Joe.

There was much anticipation as to who would step in and anchor the Tenor position and much to the delight and surprise of Southern Gospel Music fans Chris Allman would return to take the Tenor spot after a 15 year absence.

The reunion of Chris Allman and Rodney Griffin has resulted in some wonderful collaboration as co-writers. Upon the return of Chris Gerald said, “It was as if he’d never left.”

Greater Vision would also reach an important milestone in 2010 as they celebrated their 20 year anniversary.

Greater Vision has recorded over 30 Albums and over 15 Videos and received multiple Singing News Fan Awards for Favorite Trio, Album of the Year, Song of the Year, and Favorite Video along with numerous individual awards.

Their latest single as of this writing is “Like I Wish I’d Lived” from the pen of Rodney Griffin off their new CD entitled “The Only Way”. It is number 4 on the Singing News for the month of March 2012. I’m sure that you can expect many more chart topping songs from the pens of Rodney and Chris both individually and collectively and from the voices of Greater Vision.

They are nominated this year as Favorite Artist, Favorite Trio, Gerald Wolfe is nominated as Favorite Male Singer and Lead, Chris Allman is nominated as Tenor, and Rodney is nominated as Baritone and Songwriter of the year. Greater Vision’s new album, “The Only Way” is nominated as Album of the Year and the song “I Know A Man Who Can” is nominated as Song of the Year.

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